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Why XLurate | Operations

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Repeatable Success

Do you want to expand and grow, but worry that you won’t be able to provide the same level of sales & service that you currently provide?  Do you have a staff member that you’d really like to clone?  Perhaps even yourself?    

In this workshop we’ll discuss 3 Keys to Repeatable Success, including:

1.  Keys to repeat your current success as you grow

2.  Ways to enable high performing staff to share their knowledge

3.  How to lay the foundation for repeatable success now

For a limited time we are making this power-packed class available for FREE.   Why?  As Mr. Syms used to say in his commercials, ” An educated customer is our best customer.”

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XLurate | Operations

Exceptional Client Experience

What do your clients expect?

Your clients’ and prospects’ expectations have changed!  Forrester says this “age of the customer” will “place harsh and unfamiliar demands on institutions, requiring changes in how they develop, market, sell and deliver products and services.”  They expect to interact with you in new and exciting ways.  They expect to be able to interact with you online … 24/7.  They expect you to respond and interact in real-time.  expect to receive personalized services.


Research their Purchases Online


Will Buy or Renew Online


Expect Personalized Service


Expect real-time interaction & Response

Is Operational Excellence Your Standard Operating Procedure?

What do Starbucks, GE and top hospitals all have in common?  They are committed to continually improving their performance and the client experience.  They do this in two ways. First, they have designed their business processes to achieve their goals.  Why?  Because well designed and implemented business processes provide a foundation for repeatable success.  They reduce errors, save time and money, provide consistentcy and improve results.   Second, they actively support people continuing to building their professional skills,  knowing it will improve their performance.   Combined these help the organizations achieve operational excellence. 

Learn more about improving the performance of:

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Repeatable Success
Keys to Achieving Success Consistently

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XLurate | Operations

What You Get

What do McDonald’s, Starbucks, Toyotta and GE all have in common?  They are committed to producing a consitent, quality product and customer experience through a culture of continual improvement.  The hallmarks of which are professional development (training) of staff, implementing best practices business processes and innovating process improvement, leveraging technology for a competitive advantage (check out the “shake” machine) and providing a consistent superior client experience in line with their brand goals.

PeopleInsure’s XLurate | Operations is a suite of solutions that accelerate your successes by improving performance of your people, processes and technology to the level that is required for you to achieve your goals

We enable you to achieve Repeatable Success using our propriatary XLurate Methodology to help you develop Operational Excellence, including Service that Sells® via:

  • Professional Development
    improves performance
  • Best Practices and Beyond
    foundation of repeatable success
  • Technology Utilization
    powers performance
  • Client Experience
    increases revenue, retention and referrals

    Major Components of XLurate | Operations:

    1.  Agency ScoreCards Learn More
    2.  Quick-Step Best Practices 
             Business Processes Learn More  
    3.  Training and Consulting Learn More
    4.  Bonus: Executive Sessions Learn More

    Are you ready to:

    • Continually Improve performance
    • Provide superior client experiences …  Service that Sells®
    • Lay the foundation for repeatable success
      • Reduce Errors
      • Improve Consistency
      • Save Time and Money
    • While you:
      • Increase your revenue per client?
      • Improve your retention?
      • Grow your new business?

    XLurate | Operations



    Agency ScoreCards

    Would you like to know what the current performance of your agency and staff is?  Would you like to be able to see your progress as you advance towards your goals?  That’s what our ScoreCards will do for you. 

    After you take the self-assessment online, you not only receive your score, but you also receive action items based on your individual results to help you improve in key areas.   Currently available ScoreCards:

    • Agency ScoreCards
      • Agency ScoreCard: Performance 
      • Agency ScoreCard: System Utilization
    • Staff ScoreCards
      • Staff ScoreCard: Performance
      • Staff ScoreCard: System Utilization
      • Staff ScoreCard: SOP Compliance
      • Staff ScoreCard: Customer Service
      • Staff ScoreCard: Accounting SOP
      • Staff ScoreCard: Producer Performance

    Who:   Agency Executive, Staff Member
    Level:  All
    How:   On-Deman


    Quick-Step® Best Practices Business Processes

    Standardizing what you do is the foundation of repeatable success.  First you standardize onto industry and system best practices to gain consistency, reduce errors, save time, save money, improve technology utiliation and improve service.  You could create your own business processes, but it is extremely time consuming, most staff don’t have the skills to do it effectively and rarely gets finished before other priorities take over.  

    We have the solution, Quick-Step Best Practices Business Processes are turnkey business processes using industry and system best practices.  The core of Quick-Step are the agency management system specific, step-by-step instructions for common policy insurance workflows, such as New Business, Renewals, etc.  Optionally, we will customize Quick-Step for your agency specifics.  

    Second, thorugh a process of continual improvement, you innovate Beyond Best Practices® to drive your competitive advantage to bottom line results.

    Who:   Staff, Managers 
    Level:  Novice to Master
    How:   Online


    Training and Consulting

    At the heart of XLurate | Operations you will receive training and optional consulting to help you achieve Operational Excellence with Service that Sells®

    We’ve package some of our most impactful training and consulting into monthly training and workshop sessions to provide:

    • Develop professional skills
    • Improve technology utilization
    • Implement Quick-Step Best Practices Business Processes
    • Deliver superior service … that sells. 

    In these sessions we not only train you and your staff, but we also provide action plans, tools, resources and a community to help you perform at ever higher levels.  Many sessions are targeted for specific roles and walk you through the topics using real-world situations.

    Optionally, we can customize and deliver the training and consulting specifically for your agency.  And if needed, we can guide you through a system setup refresh to make sure that your systems are setup to meet your evolving needs.

    Who:   Staff and Managers
    Level:  Novice to Master
    How:   Online Sessions
                  Optional: Onsite sessions


    Bonus: Executive Sessions

    As an Executive, are you concerned that you won’t understand what your staff is learning or know how to best implement it in your agency.  As a staff member, are you concerned that your boss won’t understand what you are talking about?

    We think that it’s critical for the Executives to be an informed member of the planning process.  So, we developed a session just for them.  These monthly sessions are designed specifically for executives to better understand (at a high level) what the staff is learning and doing in the training, consulting and workshop sessions.  This way the Executive is better equiped to select the strategies that are best for their agency, determine priorities and budgets, integrate your agency goals into processes, manage implementation by staff,  and get better results from outside vendors.  

    For every person from your agency enrolled in the XLurate | Operations, one designated executive may attend the exclusive Executive Sessions … for free.  The executive does not need to pay to be a registered XLurate | Revenue user.  However, if the designated Executive is not a registered XLurate | Revenue user, they only have access to these Executive Sessions, and do not have access to the courses or workshops.

    Who:   Executives (including Principles, Partners)
    Level:  Novice to Master
    How:   Live Monthly Webinars

    XLurate | Operations


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    * This solution is designed to improve the utilization of your agency management system and other technology; develop operational excellence and provide “rock star” service.  Therefore, it is important that all staff be involved.  The number of users for XLurate | Operations should be the same as the number of users for your agency management system.  Should your agency have special circumstances or choose to implement in only one department, contact us for a customized solution.

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