Accelerate Your Successes®

XLurate® Methodology

Accelerate Your Successes®

Our proprietary XLurate® solutions use our propriatary Performance-Impact® methodology.  Performance-Impact blends best-of-breed performance improvement principles proven successful in large corporations with our proprietary APIMA method to raise the level of performance of people, processes and technology to the level required to achieve your goals and to accelerate your successes .

The XLurate methodology is scalable to meet the needs of Agencies of all sizes, MGAs and Brokerages, and Carriers.  

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XLurate Solutions

When you think about it, most Agencies and oganizaitons are split into two primary functions:  Revenue Generation and Operational Excellence.  

Revenue generation, focuses on retaining clients, improving revenue per client, increasing refferals and attracting new clients.   

Operations focuses on delivering on the promise(s) sold by delivering superior client experiences.  This requires managing the business with operational excellence in client service, operations, technology and  administration functions.  XLurate Solutions are comprehensive programs designed to achieve serious results in these two major areas of your business.

XLurate | Revenue

Retention  ♦  Revenue Per Client  ♦  New Business

XLurate | Revenue is a comprehensive solution focused using high-performing digital marketing, sales and retention methodologies to generating revenue by:

  • Improving retention
  • Increasing revenue per client
  • Generating new business.  

Components of XLurate | Revenue

XLurate | Revenue gives you:   

  • Digital Marketing Training (11 courses, 11 disciplines, over 75 hours): Develop essential, detailed digital marketing skills … what the pro’s know.
  • Digital Marketing Workshops (monthly): Learn agency-specific applications, complete action plans, ask questions and receive feedback.
  • Resources (online):  Get the work done faster and better.
  • Community (online):  Ask questions and receive feedback from like-minded agencies and PeopleInsure.
  • Bonus: Executive Sessions (monthly):  Exclusive executive session to determine your agency strategies, plans and chart progress.

Plus, we have a full service “Do It For Me” option for agencies too busy to run their own digital marketing campaigns.

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XLurate | Operations

Operational Excellence  ♦  Service that Sells®

XLurate | Operations is a comprehensive solution that accelerate your successes by continually improving the performance of your people, processes and technology to the level that is required for you to achieve your goals. It enables you to consistently deliver on the promise that you sold.  XLurate | Operations enables you to achieve Repeatable Success using our proprietary XLurate Performance-Impact Methodology to help you develop Operational Excellence, including Service that Sells® via:

  • Professional Development – understanding and mastering skills that improve individual and team performance.
  • Best Practices and Beyond – standardizing and innovating processes are the foundation of repeatable success.
  • Technology Utilization – leveraging technology powers performance.
  • Client Experience – superior client experiences, Service that Sells®, increase retention, referrals and generate revenue.


Components of XLurate | Operations

XLurate | Operations gives you:   

1.  Agency ScoreCards®

Our assortment of Agency ScoreCards enables you to know where to focus your energies.  Measure your current agency and staff performance levels in key areas, so that you know what to improve to achieve your goals.  Then, chart your progress through each phase, so that you know where course corrections may be needed.

2.  Quick-Step® Best Practices Business Processes

  • Use best practices and step-by-step business processes (system specific) to standardize processes and client experience, while reducing errors, saving time and money.
  • Innovate Beyond Best Practices® to drive your competitive advantage throughout all operations and client experiences.
  • Fundamental System Specific Agency Quick-Step included.  Customized Quick-Step options are available.

3. Training and Consulting

  • Goals & Planning: Establish powerful goals, determine performance measures and develop a plan to achieve your goals.
  • Technology Training: Learn how to utilize your agency management system and other technology to improve your performance and return on investment.
  • Operational Excellence Training: Learn how to use and implement Quick-Step Best Practices Business Processes to achieve operational excellence throughout P&C and Benefits customer service, marketing, accounting, benefits, admin and sales departments.
  • Service that Sells®, Crafting Superior Client Experiences: Improve retention, increase revenue per client, and generate referrals by crafting superior client experiences.
  • Operational Excellence Consulting (Optional): Customize your Quick-Step Best Practices Business Processes and associated training to achieve operational excellence for your unique needs.
  • Resources: Throughout the program, you will receive handouts, worksheets, samples and more to help you get the work done more faster and better.
  • Community: Ask questions and receive feedback from your peers and PeopleInsure.
  • Optional Services:
    • Professional Development Training:  Add training to build knowledge and skills that enable high performance throughout agency disciplines, including areas such as insurance, business, leadership, communications, sales, service, accounting/bookkeeping, etc.
    • Consulting: We will work with you to help you improve individual performance, business processes, technology utilization and client experience management.
  • Custom Solutions: We’ll customize a solution just for your agency!
  • And more …

4.  Bonus: Executive Sessions

These exclusive executive sessions are designed to help owners/leadership to determine your agency strategies, establish action plans, chart progress and better manage the process of continually improving operational and service performance.

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XLurate are solutions desiged to accelerate your successeses®by creating:

  • operational excellence as a strategic weapon and
  • generating revenue to grow your business.

All XLurate services, products and solutions are designed to accelerate your successes® using our  propriatary Performance-Imact Methodology.     

Whether you select an XLurate Solution or Individual Services and Products,  they are all designed to improve the performance of your people, processes and/or technology.


Solutions & Methodology

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