Scorecard: AMS360 Utilization – Short


How well are you using AMS360? This short form self-assessment will provide an idea of what areas of the system are being used well and which areas provide an opportunity for you to increase your utilization and return on Investment.

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The AMS360 Utilization Scorecard – Short Form is a self- assessment designed to help agencies understand how well the agency as a whole is utilizing AMS360.  The Scorecard will show which areas of the system are being used well and which areas provide opportunity for you to improve utilization and return on investment.  The self-assessment should be completed by the person in the agency most familiar with how AMS360 is really being used throughout the agency.  Upon completion, you will receive: 

  • Scorecard showing your results
  • Explanation of what you are doing well and where there is opportunity for improvement
  • Action items that you can use to improve your utilization

If you want a detailed Scorecard by staff member showing utilization, knowledge and skills in AMS360, see the AMS360 Scorecard.  There is even an option for having PeopleInsure validate the results between what people say they are doing and what they are really doing.


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Scorecard: AMS360 Utilization – Short

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