Professional Services for AMS 360

PeopleInsure is dedicated to helping you accelerate your success by improving the return on investment of your people, processes and technology.

As you partner, we help you improve the performance of your people, processes and technology to help you achieve your business goals, including:

- Improving productivity to save you time and money
- Reducing errors to reduce unnecessary costs
- Enhancing customer service to improve retention
- Enabling growth to help you increase revenues

Online or On-site we're here to help you accelerate your success.SM



Audits: System utilization and workflow audits help you know exactly what you are using well, and you are not using well with your technology and/or workflows. From there we build a roadmap to help you achieve your goals.




Training: Learning to use your systems to their fullest enables you to realize the return on investment possible from your technology. Most agencies only use a fraction of what their systems can do. With our consultative training you can learn how to cash in on rest of technology's potential. Customized training available onsite or online.




Workflows: Why reinvent the wheel? Use industry and system best-practices workflows to jump-start your workflows to a higher level. Then, with the POWER of Change® you can customize your workflows to streamline them for your environment, while focusing on the customer..




Consulting: Are you ready to go to take your organization to the next level? Whether you're ready to become truly paperless, revitalize your agency with Performance ImpactSM, or reorganize your agency for growth, consulting solutions to help you accelerate your successSM.




Consultative Training

Consultative training goes beyond what button to push to help you learn how to use your technology to be more productive, more effective and grow your business. Yes, you still learn how the your system works, while learning tips to use your technology to better achieve your goals.


Quick-Step Workflows

Why do many agencies have incomplete, cumbersome or out-of-date workflows? They take lots of time, staff often doesn't know industry and system best practices and they testing them can be tedious and frustrating. Why not jump-start your success with generic best-practices workflows. They may be 25%, 45%, 65% or 75% of what you need. Then, add your customized steps knowing you're starting from a proven foundation. Quick-step best-practices workflows are a great way to accelerate your successSM.



Don't know what you need? A system utilization audit or workflow audit are great places to start. Learn how well your staff is using the system and following procedures. Then, get a roadmap to get to the next level..


Why PeopleInsure?

Our professional trainers and consultants have 10-25 years experience in the insurance industry. We bring you real-world knowledge, knowing what it's like to work in an agency, brokerage or carrier. And since we've worked with organizations of all sizes, we bring proven techniques of what works for others organizations like your, as well as pitfalls to avoid.

In 2006 we were invited to become a Charter Member of the AMS360 Certified Trainer program. Since then we have moved beyond basic new agency training to bring AMS 360 agencies and brokers the full suite of high-impact professional services enjoyed by other PeopleInsure clients, including training, consulting and workflow solutions.